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    Mental Model

    How many times we judge a person by his appearance? How many times we judge people by the price of their cellphone? This is a mental model that we learned in our life. We tend to be nice to a man who wears suits than a man who wears rags.
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    Motivation Theory

    What motivates people? Some people think that money can motivates people. Unfortunately, money do not motivates people. So what motivates people? What motivates you to wake up everyday? Do you need an alarm to wake up? Do you prefer happiness over motivation? This picture answers all these questions.
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    What`s Your Story?

    I have seen in my entire life that every great leader has a powerful story. Their story is not about living a boring life. Their story is about living life to the fullest. Their story attract the media to interviewed them. The ability to craft a good story is very important to attract the media. This free media exposure is the most effective way for an entrepreneur to promote their business. Why you need a story? Every time I was interviewed by the media, the journalist always curious how do I start my own business with $ 1 capital. The journalist thought that to start a business people need a lot of financial capital but after hearing my story he starts to see things differently. Later on, my story was published in one of the biggest newspaper in Indonesia. So why do we need a story? Do
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    A Man for All Seasons

    “A Man for All Seasons” is not a story about a common person. This is the story of Thomas More, who stood up to King Henry VIII when the King rejected the Roman Catholic Church to obtain a divorce and remarriage. His silence are more powerful than words. Dare to Be Different Most of the time we do not want to be different, we are afraid to be genuine. We know if we stood up we may have a risk to hurt other`s feeling. This is what happened when Thomas More hurts King Henry VIII feelings. What happened if we stood up to the king? We die. Finally Thomas More was executed but that is not the end of the story. You can continue his story by stand up and speak out loud for something that you do not like.


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